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Beginning Runner's Journal

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ISBN: 1550549650
Paper: 186 pages
5x8 inches
January 18, 2003

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The Beginning Runner's Journal

Author: Dr. Laura G. Farres Ph.D, ChPC, Contributors: The Sport Medicine Council of British Columbia.

A diary to help beginning runners stay motivated and set goals.

Do you want to make running part of your life but find it difficult to stay motivated? Do you find that you tend not to finish training programs or that you drop out of running clinics? Do you want to learn more about what you can do to push yourself and extend your limits?

The Beginning Runner's Journal will help beginning runners deal with these questions while providing an opportunity to record thoughts, feelings, times, distances and other aspects of training. From these records, runners can identify positive and negative factors that play a role in the achievement of their goals and then determine what changes they need to make.

The diary begins by helping runners examine their personal history with running, encouraging them to explore past successes, personal challenges and environmental factors that affect them.

Next, the diary offers suggestions for how to set goals and provides tips for improving motivation, physical preparation, time management, balance in life, nutrition, social support, stress management, health and well-being and injury prevention.

The diary provides practical exercises and concrete strategies that allow runners to set goals and maintain motivation.

The ideal companion to The Beginning Runner's Handbook, the diary is divided into two 13-week segments, with opportunities to review and reevaluate goals at 6-week midpoints. The diary is also a valuable tool on its own and is an indispensable guide for all beginning runners.

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