Mental Performance Consulting

Mental performance consulting involves participants identifying, understanding, and developing mental and emotional strategies that can be applied to sport and performance settings.

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Counselling is a collaborative process of self-exploration and self-understanding. Individuals often choose to engage in counselling when they want to change something or move forward in a different way.

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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring provide a supportive place for individuals to explore, identify and pursue personal and professional goals. Participants can look to develop and refine their skills and move toward a new or improved vision.

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Why Choose Us?

Mind in Motion offers mental performance consulting, clinical counselling and coaching services for high performers in the areas of sport, fitness, health, the performing arts, and business.

With over 20 years of experience, Mind in Motion practitioners are well positioned to help individuals and groups overcome barriers, enhance personal growth, and chart new directions for performance, health and life.
Mind in Motion Consulting can support you if you are interested in the following:
  • coping more effectively with pressure
  • improving consistency
  • enhancing enjoyment
  • increasing confidence
  • managing anxiety
  • focusing better
  • cultivating stronger relationships
  • building group dynamics
  • finding better life balance
  • overcoming unique problems and challenges
The evaluation of experience can help propel one into the future.
Our responsibility as therapists is to cultivate awareness of the dominant stories in our society.
Freedman and Combs
Stories become transformative only in their performance.
E. Bruner

Experience the gifts our services have to offer.

Talk to us about beginning to exercise your mind for performance, health and life.