Mental Performance Consulting

What is mental performance consulting?

Mental performance consulting involves participants identifying, understanding, and developing mental and emotional strategies that can be applied to sport and performance settings to enhance performance excellence and personal growth.

What is an MPC?

A Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) is someone who has acquired the requisite training in the area of sport sciences, psychology and counselling through university (undergraduate and graduate) coursework and has been approved to practice by the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA). MPCs provide consultations geared towards improving performance and well-being related issues. MPCs do not diagnose or treat mental health issues and are not covered by extended medical plans.

How might you benefit?

Exploring yourself as a performer can enhance awareness and your capacity to manage and regulate yourself and support others more effectively in performance situations. Gaining insight and understanding along with learning effective strategies can improve your resiliency and mental toughness in more complex and challenging settings.  Many performers find the chance to talk about, and focus on, the mental side of their performance very unique, valuable and rewarding.

What is involved?

Individual and group consulting sessions often include an initial assessment, mental skill and strategy development, and plan for, and follow up on, implementation.


Individual sessions are usually 50-60 minutes in duration. The number of sessions appropriate will vary based on individual need. If you come with a particular area to explore you may find one to three sessions ample. Alternatively, if you are looking to enhance the mental side of your performance overall you may want to engage in more sessions over a period of time. Recommended course of action is something that will be discussed in your session.


The approach to group consulting will vary based on specific needs and resources and can be discussed with one of us.

What is the approach used?

Mental performance consulting is rooted in cognitive behavioural approaches that explore the interplay of thoughts, feelings and actions. We also incorporate concepts of mindfulness and solution focused approaches along with an understanding of somatic influences. As educators we are committed to differentiated instruction and universal design for learning (UDL). We strive to create safe and inclusive spaces where individuals and groups at all ages and stages can learn and develop in ways that are most effective for them.

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